I am personally thrilled the Ontario Teacher's Pension Fund finally sold our beloved Maple Leafs.  The Teacher's were just like Harold Ballard, as long as they were making money, they didn't really care about the state of our team.  Didn't they put Richard Peddie in charge of MLSE and he hired the inexperienced John Ferguson Jr. to run the most important franchise in the NHL.  To make matters worse, this was right after the NHL forced a salary cap on the players union, making it even more difficult to build a winner.  
I am hoping for the best with Rogers and Bell now owning the Leafs.  I am confident they will be able to offer more hockey coverage for more money and I am a sucker so I am willing to pay.  Ticket and beer prices will probably go up at the ACC, but the suits who steal all the tickets can afford it, I will stick to road games with Leafs Nation.  
I would prefer a single owner like Mike Illitch in Detroit, but I think Rogers and Bell will feel the pressure to ice a contender from Toronto fans and media.  I've always been frustrated that the Toronto fans and media can run a player, coach or GM outta this city so easily and yet we get stuck with these horrible owners for decades and we can't get rid of them.  Hopefully Rogers and Bell will hold the right people accountable, but it's not like we can do much about it if they don't.  


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