An open letter to Phil Kessel;

Thank you for giving us six great years of watching you outskate the oppositions defense and beating pretty much every goalie in the league with your quick release and awesome shot.
I apologize on behalf of all Leaf fans for the way you were treated while you were here. You didn’t deserve it. There is an insane amount of pressure on the Leafs to win and the highest paid player will always fall under too much scrutiny in Toronto because every fan and every sports writer thinks they know more about hockey than Wayne Gretzky and Scotty Bowman. I apologize for all the shithead fans who called you fat, I even apologize for laughing at a few photo shopped memes that I saw. I apologize for all the sports writers who thought they could get actually get some attention by trying to run you outta town. 
Sure, you coulda back checked harder, but the same could be said about Ovechkin and Stamkos and they would probably face the same bullshit you faced if they ever wore the blue and white.
Some of us appreciated watching you play and I know I am happy for you to be outta the shit show that is the Toronto Maple Leafs. You will thrive playing alongside Crosby and I personally hope you put up huge numbers this year so all those assholes who shit on you every time you hit a slump, can feel stupid for helping to run you out of Toronto. 
You have my respect for never taking the easy way out and asking for a trade. A lot of people would have demanded a trade after the media turned on them the way they did on you. You always said you wanted to be a Leaf. I respect you for that. Not many Americans could come here and produce the way you did while under constant criticism, good for you. Just remember these are the same writers and fans who shit on Wendle Clark for being, too slow and injury prone for his whole career and now they remember him as the hero he truly was. There is a pretty decent number of hall of famers who were run outta Toronto by the fans and media, maybe you will be counted among them when you retire. One day Leaf fans will give you the respect you deserve, I am just sorry it didn’t happen while you were on our team. 
Disappointed in my city

I am not saying we should have kept him around for the duration of his contract but I honestly think we could have got a better return for him if he was having a better year under Babcock and there is no reason to think he wouldn’t. I just don’t like the way this went down. He took a lot of shit from this city and I think we all know how much he is going to love killing us as a Penguin.

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