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Tim Leiweke doesn't know much about hockey, but he understands that about himself and he is not afraid to hire some who does understand it.  Dave Nonis or any other GM, answering to Leiweke makes about as much sense as Phil Kessle asking Colton Orr for some skating tips.  Tim Leiweke might not know hockey but he kows business and he knows how important a contending hockey team is to the success of MLSE.  He also knows that if he is in charge when we finally have our cup parade, he will be able to write his own ticket in any sport in any city.  He seems to have a little bit of an ego and I like that about him.  I want someone who takes this challenge seriously.  Someone who wants the fame and adoration that goes with ending our cup drought.  I don't think Lewikie will be here when the Leafs finally win a cup, but hopefully Shanahan will and Lewikie is responsible for bringing him here.
Brendan Shanahan might be the perfect fit in between a GM and Tim Leiweke.  One of the problems that has plagued Toronto for years is an impatient media and fan base.  We want a winner yesterday, and everybody in this city seems to think they know more than whoever is running the Leafs at any given time.  Building an annual contender takes time and patients, Brendan Shanahan will not be bullied into making bad decisions for the long term, just to get a few wins.  He is tough enough to weather any media storm he might face in Toronto without giving into their demands.  
If I was Shanahan, I would target and pursue Wayne Gretzky to be our next GM with the same determination he used to land Mike Babcock as our coach.  
Gretzky might not have any experience as a GM but nobody knows hockey better and if Wayne has proven one thing time and again, it is that he always does the right thing for his team.  Maybe he is the guy to stand up to the Toronto media and say we will not let you pressure us into making mistakes for our hockey club.  Wayne Gretzky would be the perfect GM for us at this point. You have Hunter to run the scouting dept and draft, Dubas to handle stats and analytics, if they hire an assistant GM (Mike Barnett or Bob Nicholson are close to Gretzky) to handle contract negotiations, the GM becomes a figure head. Is there a better representative for a hockey team than Wayne Gretzky? No.
Does anybody care about hockey more than Gretzky? No!  
Will anybody inspire more high end talent to come to Toronto than Gretzky?  
It's a fucking shame he is not involved in the league right now and the team that hires him will probably have the hockey gods on their side.....that would be nice for a change.


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